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Clay poker chips

Written by:   Ray Burton

Clay poker chips come in many styles, varieties and weights. When most people talk about a clay poker chips they do not realize that it is a term left over from the game players of old. While the tokens used to be made of clay, in modern casinos what the chips are made of is really a mixture of materials called a composite clay accessory. Because of the lack of strength and expense of mass production, pure clay tokens are a thing of the past. Since gambling is a business and casinos are into making big money, the efficiency of making a composite clay chip along with its durability is seeing the past fade away.

The reason most gamblers prefer custom clay poker chip sets is because of the quality feel. There is a certain sound made by a chip made of clay and a heavier feel than the often disrespected plastic gaming pieces. There is also the artistic side of custom clay poker accessories, and clay material tokens are some of the most varied and beautiful to be found. You can get 1, 2 and 3 color clay chips and the design limitations are up to your cash flow.

Now even though its hard to find a pure clay chip set out there, you can still find high quality gaming pieces that sport a mixture of high impact polymers (plastic) and clay (or kaolin as it is sometimes called). Most of the chips you find in the casino are of this variety and are 39mm in diameter with a weight between 8 grams and 11.5 grams. Today's clay casino chips are unique in design and composite to each individual casino. The effect of the increased security and high traffic flow has led to the design of some truly collectable chips.

You can personalize clay chips by changing the body mold, edge spot and denomination colors. If you really want to impress the high rollers with your custom poker chips, you are going to go for non-metal inserts. This is an indicator of the level of clay that will be in your chips. Obviously if they put a chunk of metal in, there is less room for clay and the standard goes down.

About the Author
Ray Burton writes about the different styles of poker chips and fun and exciting about the game of poker.

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