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Poker Movies


Scotty Nguyen .... Scotty Nguyen
Kathy .... Jennifer Harman
Bob Scott .... Ray William Smith
Darrin the Narrator .... Blake Adams
Sly .... Landry Barb
Debbie .... Elizabeth Burr
Queen Mama .... Angela Wright

This movie is a low budget film about the lives of about a dozen people who play poker at a California cardroom. Most of the characters are either losers or crooks. The movie does not have much of a plot and it is only truly enjoyable to people who have played an extensive amount of brick and mortar poker.


Eric Stoner (The Cincinatti Kid) .... Steve McQueen
Lancey Howard .... Edward G. Robbins
Melba Nile .... Ann-Margret

The Cincinatti Kid is a professional card player. He journeys to New Orleans to play in the high stakes poker game of his life against Lancey Howard.


Tommy Korman .... James Caan
Jack Singer .... Nicholas Cage
Betsy/Donna .... Sarah Jessica Parker

Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) stars as a law student who was a former rounder. Mike quits playing poker after he loses his entire bankroll in one hand of high stakes no limit hold'em to Teddy KGB. After his friend Worm (Edward Norton) is released from jail, it becomes apparent that Worm is indebted to Teddy KGB due to former poker loans. Mike takes up Worm's debt and must earn $15k in one week to save him and his friend from the wrath of Teddy KGB.

THE STING (1973)

Henry Gondorff .... Paul Newman
Johnny Hooker .... Robert Redford
Doyle Lonnegan .... Robert Shaw
Lt. William Snyder .... Charles Durning

Johnny Hooker is a con man operating in Chicago during the 1930's. One day, he and his partner, Luther, pull off one of their best cons. However, it turns out their victim is a courier for a huge mob boss, Doyle Lonnegan. A hit is ordered on Hooker and Luther. Hooker finds out but can not warn his partner in time. Luther is murdered and Hooker wants revenge. In order to get even with Lonnegan, he sets out to perform the con of the century. The Sting won seven Academy Awards.

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