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College Poker

Written by:   Dustin Burkert

Here's a typical day in the midst of my college poker career. The alarm clock would ring about 3 times before I actually got up. I would debate whether to attend my 10:30 class or sleep in some more and get the notes from a fellow classmate. After deciding to sleep in a bit longer I would wake up about 12:00 P.M. and check out the tables on Party Poker or Empire Poker. If the tables were bad then I would go ahead and participate in my afternoon classes while the whole time I'm thinking about playing 4 tables in my air conditioned apartment. I would put off any homework until the last possible minute and head back and play until about 3 in the morning. Then just like shampoo I would rinse and repeat the whole week with the same schedule. I would find time to enjoy a few beers at my alma mater Purdue University when I was satisfied with my bankroll for the day.

The whole poker craze has caused a generation of college students to attempt to make supplemental income with online poker - college poker. There were plenty of live games at Purdue that were quite juicy but why waste your time with playing only one hand when you can play 4 tables at twice the rate of hands per hour. Purdue is no different than any other college campus with its mass number of Chris Moneymaker hopefuls looking for a chance to shine in the WSOP. But the online experience makes it accessible for any college poker student to use that student loan or their parent's monthly allotment of cash to replenish their online bankrolls. It's almost the new social trend in many respects as college students are almost more willing to save some money to play poker than buy a case of beer. Each price for a case of beer is equal to a buy-in tournament that could lead them to the WSOP or a big pay day.

In my case, I'm glad I played during college when it wasn't always my money. Now playing online poker for a living I must supply the necessary bankroll myself with no parents or that great student loan check to help the cause. I've learned from my mistakes during college and have improved my game dramatically over that time. I would say to any college student looking to sharpen their game and to see if they have what it takes to handle the stressful life of online poker then do it now. Don't wait until you get in the real world and have a full-time job, start a college poker career! That will only interfere with your true potential. Use the easy college life and the vast amount of free time to master the fine art of online poker. Maybe by the end of your college career you might have that diploma just be Plan B as you venture into the professional career of online poker. Take it from me its well worth the ride.

About the Author
Dustin Burkert is a professional poker player and a current poker oach for www.pokernoise.com. Poker Noise consists of a team of online poker professionals turning average poker players into winners.

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