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Online Poker and Sport book betting

Written by:   Tyler Smith

These days online Hold 'em and online sports betting have taken the world by storm. Everyone is getting in on the action, including women. Studies have shown that women now represent a very large portion of the online gamblers. "Many women now feel comfortable going on popular sites like PartyPoker and Absolute poker to play a couple hands of Hold 'em. In casinos and tournaments they often feel pressured and nervous when making decisions" --Mark Parry of Daily Poker News

With the craze sweeping the country, some very important questions need to be addressed. Many online gaming companies are being born over night and offering customers very attractive sign up bonuses. Often times these casinos are not legitimate and are only looking to scam you out of your money. One very important thing when choosing your site is to see how reliable that site is. Some things to look for are good customer service, percentage pay out and also cash out reliability. One very effective way to see how these casinos and sport betting sites compare is to use some of the websites that offer a side-by-side comparison of the casinos.

As one of those companies we offer up to the date information on what casinos, poker rooms and sports betting sites can be trusted. These sites are independently tested by staff of Avoid Online Poker Scams AOPS. Users of our site also submit their experiences with these sites which we factor into the ratings. With over 5000 unique visitors to the site each day, many people have avoided being scammed by illegitimate casinos and poker rooms.

About the Author
Contributed by Tyler Smith, Editor, who writes articles scam alert articles for the following online gaming comparison website: http://www.avoidonlinepokerscams.com

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