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Online Casino GamesBlackjackThe objective of Blackj ack is for a player to come as close to 21 without going over, while still having a higher number than the dealer. Prior to receiving any cards, the player must place a wager.Once the wager is made, the player is dealt two cards face up. The dealer is also dealt two cards. If the total value of the player's cards is closer to 21 than the dealer, the player wins as much as he wagered. The player wins if the dealer goes over 21....
Article by Darren Allsop ( 2/11/2023 6:38:13 PM)

Biggest Mistake while playing Texas Holdem POKER
The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make while playing no-limit Texas Holdem is to focus too much on your cards... If you're playing draw, stud, limit, or any other form of poker, then it's important to concentrate on MATHEMATICAL ODDS and PROBABILITIES. But no-limit Holdem is different. MUCH different. You can be a math WIZARD and know the odds of every possible scenario in the deck... but it won't do you much good at the no-limit table. Hell, you can even know how to COUNT CARDS......
Article by Rory Monahan ( 2/10/2023 7:41:34 AM)

His palms are sweaty and his heart is racing, but he smiles when he sees his cards. "I can't lose this one", he says, with a big grin on his face. Poker in cyberspace is perfect for anyone not having a poker face. Johan Eriksson shows me his hand. A full house, queens full of jacks. There are 260 dollars in the pot. Jack from Ohio just folded his hand, but Hans from Norway and Steven from Australia both called Johan's 20 dollar bet. He shows me his hand again....
Article by Oddvar Pettersen ( 2/10/2023 7:40:49 AM)

No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker
Most online casinos offer three different types on Texas Hold'em Poker, namely No Limit Texas Holdem poker , Limit holdem Poker and Pot Limit holdem poker. The only differences in these three types of poker are the restrictions placed on betting. In No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker there are no limitations on the size of the bets placed. With Limit holdem poker, if the limit is set to $10 you can only raise your bets by $10 at a time....
Article by Stanley Majors ( 2/6/2023 7:55:54 PM)

Poker Aces - how to play them
Poker Aces refers to two aces dealt pre-flop. It is the strongest possible pre-flop hand in Texas Holdem Poker. But despite this many players find themselves on the losing end when dealt this hand. When you're dealt a pair of Aces, you just don't fold pre-flop. You're sitting with the best possible hand at this stage of the game. So how do you bet with Poker Aces ? Do you simply go all-in? I'd say no to that. Remember, you're trying to produce as much profit out of this strong position....
Article by Stanley Majors ( 2/6/2023 7:55:42 PM)

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